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12:48pm on Sunday, 29th January, 2006:



I was poking around to see if Manchester City goalkeeper Kasper Schmeichel is indeed the son of former Manchester City goalkeeper Peter Schmeichel (he is) (and he should have been called Michael) when I came across a web site with the URL http://www.the-official-sportsnutrition-help-info.com/.

What's with this? If you go to http://www.sportsnutrition-help-info.com/, it takes you to the same site. http://www.sportsnutrition-info.com/ takes you to a similar one, and http://www.sportsnutrition.com/, OK, well that does seem to take you to a different place.

It seems odd that a company would bother to register a URL with "the-official-" at the start and a spurious "help-" in the middle, as if people might go for the longer version rather than the shorter one for some reason.

Oh well, that's the Internet for you.

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