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6:36pm on Friday, 17th February, 2006:



Yesterday, Shelley Rudman won Britain's first medal in the Winter Olympics — a silver in the skeleton bob. Given that we generally only ever win one medal for the whole games, this is pretty damned good. It's even more remarkable when you consider that she only thought she'd try out the sport after watching it at the 2002 Winter Olympics.

A shame that the British Olympic Association and the National Lottery both turned down her applications for funding. She raised the money necessary for training and for a professional sled (some £10,000 in total) from regulars at the Moonrakers Inn, her local pub in Pewsey, Wiltshire.

I'm sure the BOA and Lottery Funding organisations are patting themselves on the back. Clearly, it was right for them not to give her the money as she won the medal anyway.

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