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10:01am on Friday, 25th November, 2005:



We got one of those charity bin bags yesterday, where you're supposed to fill it full of unwanted stuff so the charity people can take it away and sell it in their shop. The charity in question was the PDSA. My elder daughter asked me what PDSA stood for, and although I had some vague notion of having seen the acronym expanded on a shop front some years ago, I thought I'd check online to make sure.

Now here's the weird thing: nowhere on the PDSA web set does it say what PDSA means. It's as if they're somehow ashamed. The're quite prepared to give their organisation's history from its founding in 1917 to the present, but they don't appear to want to let on why they're called the PDSA.

Look, here's a cat with its leg bandaged in a cute fashion.

Give them more money and they'll bandage more cats.

PDSA stands for "People's Dispensory for Sick Animals". How does that in any way impede their ability to riase money for bandaging cats?

Apparently, it's because the PDSA is a worldwide organisation.

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