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10:57pm on Thursday, 18th August, 2005:

Water, Water, Everywhere...


They should warn people who come to the Disney theme parks that they should stay away if they have chlorine intolerance.

First, there are the rides that slosh you with water so heavily chlorinated that I've been in swimming pools with less of the stuff in them. I went on Splash Mountain twice this morning, OK, so I expected to get wet. Being a pessimist, I even expected to get it slopped all over me so it would take three hours to dry (which is just as well, as it did). I wasn't expecting it to bleach my clothes with its DAMNED CHLORINE CONTENT though.

Then we come to drinking water. I've been to several places in the USA and have come across chlorinated drinking water before (I suspect it's why Americans all have such white teeth). Not chlorinated so heavily it gives me a sore throat from one mouthful, though, which is what happened here. Maybe Disney plan it so you have to drink their "beverages" instead. Even the water that comes out of the beverages machine is chlorinated, though, so I suspect not. I've drunk so much of their Hi-C Fruit Punch that it'll be months before I catch a cold again.

If I want to drink actual water, that means bottled water, and that in turn means Dasani. Dasani, as we found out in the UK when the Coca Cola company's ruse was discovered, is basically tap water. There's a difference, though, not discernable in the UK but a definite plus here: it's tap water with the chlorine taken out. Consequently, we've been glugging the stuff down by the 24 fluid ounce bottle.

I wonder what they do with the chlorine they take out of the water? Probably sell it to Disney to put in the water rides...

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