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6:11pm on Saturday, 16th April, 2005:

Lying Signs


On the stretch of the A134 between Sudbury, Suffolk and where I turned off in Great Horkesley, Essex (a distance of about 12 or 13 miles) I counted 10 signs saying there were speed cameras and no speed cameras.

Those signs were lying! Street signs shouldn't be allowed to lie! If I see a sign saying there's a 30mph limit, how do I know that it isn't really 40mph and they're trying to trick me into driving slower? Or that it's 20mph and they're trying to trick me into breaking the law so they can fine me?

Speed camera signs are almost always lying. I passed a sequence of 6 at intervals of about 200 yards on the M180 earlier today, and they weren't followed by any speed cameras either. There's supposed to be one speed camera on the A134 eastbound, at Leavenheath, but if there is I didn't see it (and neither did it see me).

It shouldn't be allowed.

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