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3:50pm on Thursday, 15th December, 2005:

Fairy Lights Revisited


Long-term QBlog readers wanting to know the fairy lights situation: light sets 1 and 2 worked fine when I put them up on Saturday; set 3 I threw out in January; set 4 I threw out this weekend because they still wouldn't all work at the same time; set 5 had at least 4 bulbs blown in it, but I only had 3 replacements. I've been unable to find any more that fit, despite having tried every likely source in Colchester. I've not thrown it out, though, in case I thereupon immediately find somewhere that has a room full of them.

We have a new set of lights to replace last year's set 3, and so far they've behaved themselves. Naturally, they take different bulbs to all the other lights. I suspect they're being good because they know Asda do a set of 20 shadeless lights for the princely sum of 79p, so if they do go on strike I can easily replace them with cheap labour.

We looked for a replacement for set 4, but so far all the shops have sold out of the ones we want (lots of small, intense lights in either red or blue). I expect we'll find shelves stacked to the ceiling with them at half price sometime mid-January.

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