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12:22am on Thursday, 10th March, 2005:

Book Signing


The GDC proper began today, and at 11:30 the doors opened for the expo hall.

When news of my upcoming award was announced, the publishers of my book asked if I would pop along to their stand and sign a few copies. I said I'd be happy to do so.

Alarm bells rang yesterday when I checked out the GDC bookshop and found it had no copies of my book on its shelves. It didn't have any copies of Designing Online Games, either. They did have some older books — even older New Riders books. Not mine, though.

Sure enough, when I turned up at the New Riders stand today, they hadn't heard of me or my book. Indeed, they only accepted both our existence after consulting a list of all NR publications one of them had brought along.

So much for that little marketing opportunity, then.

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