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8:29am on Tuesday, 9th August, 2005:

Flashed Memory


My ADSL modem-cum-router is playing up.

It's been doing it for a while. Suddenly, in the middle of something, I'll lose my Internet connection. I connect to the modem, poke around a bit, re-tell it my PPP login details, and it works fine.

Yesterday, though, it wasn't playing ball. I was Internetless for much of the afternoon and evening, until I finally bit the bullet and rebooted it from factory settings. This definitely worked, because it reset the admin password (and hopefully I managed to set it back to something obscure before any nasty sniffer software tried to log in on it remotely).

What's interesting about this is that although the modem routinely forgets my PPP login data (which I always write to flash memory), it doesn't forget the admin password I give it unless I reboot it completely. Is some of the flash memory flakier than the rest? Or is it wiping the flash itself when it hits some transmission problem?

I have an interview in Second Life coming up this weekend. This is my modem's way of adding excitement to my otherwise humdrum existence...

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