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9:22am on Tuesday, 1st February, 2005:



White rabbits.

I read in The Independent this morning that actress Kate Bosworth "suffers from heterochromia iridium (ie, has one hazel and one blue eye)." .

What's with the "suffers from"? Is it painful or something?

I also read in the same paper: "Emperor Haile Selassie, whom Rastas consider a living god". A living god? He died in 1975. Granted, many Rastafarians think his death was reported falsely so as to discredit their religion, but he'd be 113 years old this year if he were still alive — only 11 months younger than the world's oldest man. I wonder if there'll be a compaign to have him in the Guinness Book of Records 10 years from now?

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